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Who We Are

AGA Daycare Consulting Services aims to become the premier consulting firm serving both daycare centers and in-home daycares in New York. As a corporation, we are committed to providing exceptional consulting services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. We strive to help daycare providers thrive and deliver exceptional care to the children they serve.

We AGA Daycare Consulting Services is a corporation registered in the state of New York. We provide a wide range of consulting services, including operational assessments, curriculum support, staff training, licensing support, policy development, and quality improvement programs. Our target market includes both daycare centers and in-home daycares across New York, with a specific focus on Westchester area.

Organization and Management

AGA Daycare Consulting Services is led by a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in early childhood education and business consulting.

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Our Team

Our team possesses a comprehensive understanding of the daycare industry, regulatory compliance, curriculum support, and business management. We are passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of children by helping daycare providers thrive and excel, whether they operate a center or an in-home daycare.

Sawudat Abraham

Sawudat AbrahamFounder and CEO

Sawudat Abraham is an Author|Consultant|Entrepreneur of Multiple Businesses Mobile Video Game Den, Inc., and AGA Daycare Consulting Services, Inc. She holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA), a BA in Business Management and a Child Development Associate certificate (CDA). She is a certified EMS Safety Instructor. Former Owner|Director, Baby Cubs Daycare, Inc. An Author of the book “Married to Your Business Falling in Love with Entrepreneurship”.

Our Mission

Envisioning a future where every child's early years are nurtured and enriched, we strive to be the foremost consultancy shaping the landscape of daycare education. We aspire to set the gold standard in empowering daycare providers with transformative insights and resources, driving continuous improvement in childcare quality. Our vision encompasses a network of thriving daycare centers and in-home setups, collectively fostering a generation of confident, curious, and compassionate individuals.

Our Vision

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